Lindsay Donahue for Congress District 3

The Voice Maryland Needs in Congress

I'm ready to fight to help Americans across the country come together and thrive through equality.

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On the Issues

It's time for us to take steps to help our citizens and our future generations. I'm fighting for income equality, healthcare for all, gun reform, and women's reproductive rights. To me, these are key to protecting Americans today and for years to come.

Lindsay Donahue

Meet Lindsay

Born and raised in Maryland, Lindsay has spent almost her whole life in the state. After graduating from Annapolis High School, she attended Catawba College where she graduated with a BA in English with a minor in Economics. Lindsay has spent the last 15 years helping to modernize healthcare in the IT space. Originally working to move hospitals from paper to electronic records, she now works to support Health Information Exchanges all over the country.

In her spare time she enjoys movies, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and going to the gym. She lives in Annapolis with her husband and three children.

When asked why she is running for Congress: “I am tired of waiting for changes to happen, and they’re not going to happen unless like-minded thinkers fill those seats.”