While career politicians looked the other way, conservatives stacked courts across the country, all the way to the Supreme Court — and women across the country lost access to safe reproductive care. Republican-led, "red states" stood at the ready with laws to enact when Roe v Wade was overturned at any point in time.

Physicians face criminal charges in 23 states if they try to help women obtain the healthcare they need.

The influence of money in DC has now forced women, and children, to carry pregnancies to term. The circumstances for needing an abortion are different for everyone, but one thing remains a commonality: it is NEVER a first choice, but LAST and ONLY choice. In Texas alone, 65,000 rape victims were identified as having unwanted pregnancies.

Politicians should have no say over a woman’s body.

Maryland has nearly hard-coded protection for women across our state, but women across the country need a strong voice that will fight for them, and that voice is ME.

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As your Representative, I will support and introduce legislation to codify abortion rights at the Federal Level and to support women’s healthcare so that abortion is Safe, Legal, and rare!