Firearms are the number one killer of children.

Gun fatalities increased 87% between 2011 and 2021. To say that we care about children in this country while continuing to deny we have a gun problem is ignorant, at best.

Every day, 327 people are shot; 117 of these victims die; twelve of these victims are children.

Schools no longer have Fire Drills but instead lock down drills because the the last school fire death was in 1958. The last school shooting was just three weeks ago when a 17 year old killed a classmate, his principal, and himself (as of January 2024).

Blacksburg, Orlando, Aurora, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Uvalde — these names are no longer just places in America. They are synonymous with the site of mass death at the hands of firearms.

Some people will say its not the gun that kills, it’s the person holding the gun. First of all, it IS the gun and we need to fight fire at the source, not just reacting after more people have died. Most Americans believe that we are long overdue for gun reform, and I agree.

I don’t want to take anyone’s guns, but we need common sense policies surrounding the use of firearms — universal background checks, unique serial numbers, ammunition tracking, stronger penalties for the use of ghost guns, elimination of bump stocks, and a ban on assault rifles.

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In Congress, I will introduce and support legislation to finally start tackling gun reform.