The United States has the third-highest rate of poverty among the 38 most developed countries in the world, yet we the most billionaires in the world live here. It is time to hold them accountable for their wealth and pay their fair share of taxes.

1% of the population holds 40% of the wealth.

chart of distribution of wealth in the usa

Estimates show that one in eight Americans faces food insecurity.
As of 2020, 16% of children were living in poverty, which is a total of about 11 million people under 18. Children in poverty face an uphill battle.

What could we accomplish with a fairer tax system?

By taxing the billionaires and corporate profits fairly, I believe we would lower taxes for the middle and lower classes — getting more money in their pocket to spend and help boost the economy.

We would create family-centric social programs, like public day care, which would reduce a significant financial burden to young working families.

Long-term, benefits like this will allow parents, especially single mothers, spend more time with their children instead of working multiple jobs. This would have a trickle-down effect of less crime and better performance in school.

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When I am in Congress, I will introduce and support legislation that holds the ultra-wealthy accountable for their fair share of taxes in the United States.