March is National Nutrition Awareness Month

Estimates show that 13 million children, and 44.2 million people overall, in the United States are facing challenges when it comes to accessing nutritional food. Approximately 5% of the population has food insecurity to the point they are forced to skip meals or reduce their intake.

This should NOT be happening in the richest country in the world.

How can we fix it?

I would propose and support implementing federal free breakfast and lunch in all public schools in the United States. Studies show that kids miss school when dealing with a lack of food because it is hard to learn on an empty stomach and it is embarrassing to have nothing to eat at lunch time. Kids would rather stay home in these situations, which contributes to increased absences, loss in learning, and students falling behind. Federal free breakfast and lunch at all public schools is estimated to cost $21B annually.

I support increasing the benefits Americans receive through SNAP and other nutrition assistance programs. Second to this, increasing the income threshold to qualify for these benefits. Typically, to receive these benefits, one would need to be at or below 130% of the poverty line; for a family of four, that would be $40,560. With the rising cost of housing, rent, utilities—that money goes quick when spread across a family.

In Congress, I would introduce legislation and support increased taxes on the ultra-wealthy and on corporate profits. Under President Trump, the wealthiest Americans saw an increase in assets of almost $2T. Corporations are claiming record-breaking profits, beginning around the time of the pandemic, while the rest of America wrestles with inflation. We must undo these tax cuts and then some. The ultra-wealthy will pay millions to protect their billions. Our country has the most billionaires on the planet, followed by China, who has three times the population and roughly half as many billionaires. We can no longer let the 1% get by without paying their dues.

If you want to support me, please consider donating or sharing this information with a friend. We have a little over two months until the primary and I need all the support I can get.

Believe in the possible. Believe in me.

Lindsay Donahue