Tomorrow is our primary election. When I met you and I asked you to join our email list, I promised I wouldn’t spam or sell your info, and I haven’t—because I keep my promises.

Let’s talk about more promises I am making:

Supporting legislation for universal healthcare. Our healthcare system is fraught with red tape, dissatisfied patients and providers, and ridiculous fees for care—all to support for-profit, publicly traded businesses that want to provide stakeholders positive returns. It is not geared to help patients get healthy and stay healthy. I know there is a better way and we deserve transparency over profit.

Fighting for women’s access to safe, legal abortion. Over half of the country now lives under restrictive measures on abortion access. We are in a crisis of civil rights. Abortion is healthcare and I will fight to allow women the right to choose.

Taking on the billionaire class. Our country has been under financial assault for the last forty years. We have watched the income inequality gap widen to a point where one in eight Americans struggle for food. Meanwhile, corporate profits and individual net worth of the 1% has increased drastically, not being kept in check from conservative tax policies. I will fight back and establish a more equal playing field for everyone through tax reform.

Expanding background checks, banning assault-grade weapons, and cracking down on irresponsible gun ownership. America is in the throes of a gun epidemic. On average, over three hundred people are shot every day; over one hundred will die, and twelve of these victims are children. Yet conservatives across the country fail to see that it is the gun that kills. I support gun reform and plan to dedicate my term in office fighting for a safer country.

I believe in this and more—protecting the environment, implementing term limits in Congress, and banning members from trading stocks. I believe we should be supporting the Palestinian nation and need to stop sending monetary and military support to Israel. I believe PAC money is ‘dark money’ and that we live in an era where elections can be bought—which is why I support campaign finance reform.

A vote for me tomorrow is a vote for these policies and more—this I promise to you.

And I keep my promises.

Change is possible. Believe the possible.

Believe in me.