We have the oldest legislative body in the world.

We’re watching health issues play out during a press conference.

One lawmaker asked Mark Zuckerberg ‘what’s an algorithm'?’

chart of generations in the House & Senate

Our elected officials are woefully out of touch with modern issues facing Americans. Over the last 30 years, technological advances have come to encapsulate almost every aspect of our lives. We need leaders who understand newer technology.

Further, we deserve leaders who understand modern issues affecting Americans. Some of our elected politicians have been in public office for 40 years. Some are now millionaires because of book deals or insider trading. Every year, we get further away from the notion that our leaders reflect their constituencies. We need new leaders who have fresh eyes, and we need to continue to encourage this change.

Term limits is not a new topic of interest. Currently, there are a handful of people in Washington who want to enact term limits. I echo their sentiment and hope to join them in passing this initiative.

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I believe the limit for reelections should be ‘12 and 12:’ six House of Representative terms, two Senate terms.