…and the money has been spent.

We are less than two weeks away from the Maryland primary election.

Let’s review some wild numbers:

Harry Dunn reports raising over $4M to support his race, most of which is from out of the district.

Several other House candidates have raised over $1M individually.

David Trone, a Senate candidate, has spent over $50M of his own money in seeking the seat. The salary for a Senator is $174k.

These monies are used to send mailers, print signs, hold events to get the agenda out (and raise more money!), and advertise on radio and television. The more a candidate can reach voters, the greater chance of being researched and elected.

Meanwhile, campaign finance reform lingers, along with term limits and insider trading, out of the scope of what Congress will actually vote to change.

Me? I want to get rid of ‘dark money’ and enforce limits on donations to PACs and individuals. I believe in establishing term limits to stop career politicians, instead encouraging new perspectives to reflect growing diversity in America. I also believe that insider trading needs to be banned in Congress. 

I want to make these changes–and many more. I got on the ballot the same week Sarbanes announced he would not seek reelection. I had weighed this decision for a long time, talked it over with friends and family, and was ready to go. This is not a ‘promotion’ for me, but a genuine effort to enact change at the national level.

Finally, when I say the ‘gloves are off,’ I mean that the ads are getting more pointed and more slanderous. Don’t be fooled—they are not always funded by candidates, but instead ‘dark money’ PACs who are fighting to keep certain people out of office.

If you support me, please share my site, send your friends to my blog so they can understand what I am about, and vote for me on May 14th.

Change is possible. Believe in the possible.

Believe in me.

Lindsay Donahue